Timothy Bert, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialist in Sports Medicine and Hip Arthroscopy

Am I A Candidate For Arthroscopic Surgery

Hip arthroscopy candidate

If the following findings are present, you may be a candidate for a hip arthroscopy

  • Groin pain, deep lateral hip pain, or deep buttock pain with no low back involvement
  • Pain with flexing your hip up and bring across your body
  • Catching or locking in your hip
  • MRI or MR arthrogram demonstrating a labral tear and/or you have had significant relief with an injection into your hip joint
  • Physical therapy focusing on your gluteal and core strength was completed without relief of your symptoms

Not an arthroscopy candidate

  • Osteoarthritis (advanced)
    • Mild to moderate osteoarthritis may be treated with a cortisone injection prior to considering hip arthroscopy
  • Lumbar spine degenerative disc disease
    • Low back pain should have a thorough spine workup

Knee arthroscopy candidate

Patients that have knee pain or instability without significant arthritis may be a candidate for a knee arthroscopy.   Current indications for knee arthroscopy include:

  • Meniscus tears
  • ACL tears
  • Loose bodies
  • Cartilage injuries
  • PCL tears
  • Stiff total knees replacements

Typically an MRI is ordered prior to proceeding with knee arthroscopy.  Based on the type of knee pain and MRI findings, non-operative treatments may be tried first such as physical therapy, injections, NSAID’s and rest.

Shoulder arthroscopy candidate

Shoulder arthroscopy is typically indicated when non-operative treatment has failed or is contra-indicated for specific injuries.  Current indications for shoulder arthroscopy:

  • Full thickness rotator cuff tears or traumatic tears
  • Shoulder impingement that has failed extensive physical therapy and injections
  • Loose bodies
  • Calcific tendinitis that has failed non-operative treatment
  • Acromial clavicular arthritis that has failed non-operative treatment
  • Frozen shoulder that has failed extensive non-operative treatment
  • Biceps tendon tears
  • Labral tears